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3rd -  Ticket #    112
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The British Biathlon Union (BBU) is the UK National Governing Body (NGB) for the Olympic winter sport of Biathlon. The BBU was incorporated on 23 October 1996 and selects the GBR teams at all levels.

This site is updated frequently during the winter season, and periodically from April - November!


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Click below for Event & Race Details 2015 - 16 (correct @ shown date)

12 Oct 15
World Cup


29 Sep 15


12 Oct 15

12 Oct 15
Youth /Junior
World Champs

12 Oct 15
IBU Junior Cup
New Event!
27 Jul 15
Brit & Army

30 Sep 15

Note: IBU Qualifying Points (IBU QPs) have have replaced "Percentages" (the implications of this to follow next week).

WC 1 Single Mixed Relay WC Nat Cup Pts - Men WC Nat Cup Pts - Women
IBU Cup 1 Sprint 1 IBU Cup 1 Sprint 1 - IBU QPs  
IBU Cup 1 Sprint 2 IBU Cup 1 Sprint 2 - IBU QPs IBU Cup Nat Cup Pts - Men
And thanks to Eurosport for their plug today on our desperate need to find a new sponsor.

We also note some complaints on our FB page that the Single Mixed Relay was not on UK Eurosport, and blamed the tennis! It was never scheduled to be live on UK Eurosport and as a fellow NGB we offer our sincere congratulations to the LTA and the GBR Davis Cup Team on becoming World Champions for the first time since 1936. And, we were delighted to watch on Eurosport!

The new IBU Cup season begins tomorrow Sat 28 Nov, with the Men's Sprint at 09:00 GMT in Idre SWE. There is real snow - as there is in Östersund for the opening World Cup races on Sunday!

At Idre GBR #1 Scott DIXON CBNSC will be shaking off the cobwebs in the Sprint on Saturday, before moving north to Östersund. In the first of two Sprints he starts #24 in a field of 126 and will be joined by international debutant Vinny FOUNTAN 16 Regt RA (start #45) and Alex GLEAVE 1 CS Bn REME (start #74). In Sunday's 2nd Sprint fellow CBNSC athlete Rob SIRCUS replaces DIXON. FOUNTAIN was called up for one IBU Cup event last year, but bad weather resulted in cancellation. GLEAVE has been on a military course all summer, so is probably a little behind where he was 12 months ago.

Idre also marks the debut of double Olympian Lee-Steve JACKSON 16 Regt RA in a Managerial role. We wish them all every success.

To follow the races
LIVE and for Start Lists / Results etc, go to the IBU LIVE LINK.  

The World Cup season opens in Östersund SWE on Sunday with the Single Mixed Relay at 12:45 GMT. Amanda LIGHTFOOT AGC and Marcel LAPONDER 39 Engr Regt are the British pair, supported by Manager Simon ALLANSON 3 RHA and our new wax technician from Italy, Ilario MADDALIN.

This race will not be shown
LIVE on UK Eurosport (but recording is on Eurosport 2 at 16:00 GMT), but it is
LIVE on German Eurosport. If you live in Germany, or receive German TV, you will be aware that ARD and ZDF as well as German Eurosport show all events LIVE, although we do get the majority on UK Eurosport!

To follow the races LIVE and for Start Lists / Results etc, go to the IBU LIVE LINK.  

On Wed 02 Dec DIXON & LAPONDER go in the 20 km Individual and a day later it is Amanda LIGHTFOOT in the Women's 15 km. Both races start at 16:15 GMT, and both are LIVE on UK Eurosport.

Exercise RUCKSACK is the Army & British National Championships (Cross Country & Biathlon). The race programme was published on 30 Sep 15.

We are now happy to publish the Registration Form for "Civilian Entries". This is to be used by all British civilians and any other athletes, not specifically invited by the AWSA / BBU. British Military athletes who do qualify from the Regional Championships (Ex PIPEDOWN & SPARTAN HIKE) and are not eligible to compete.

Please check out the PDF  or XL version and return as shown on the Form.
27 Nov 15 - BBU AGM 2016

The 19th Annual General Meeting of the BBU will be held in Ruhpolding on Sunday 31st January 2016.
Please note the following important advance information:


A vote will be held at the 19th AGM of the BBU on 31 Jan 16 to elect a maximum of two "ELECTED DIRECTORS"

To be a Candidate, the nominee must be a “MEMBER” (of the BBU); must be born in 2000 or earlier, and must have paid his/her subscription for the year 2015 – 16 by no later than 23:59 GMT on Friday 18 December 2015. (He /she can still be a “Member” who can vote at the AGM, in person or by proxy, by joining and paying (or renewing) their subscription before the AGM, but they must be a paid-up “Member” by 23:59 GMT on Friday 18 December 2015 to be eligible to be a Candidate).

For full details on how to be a Candidate, click here


Any "Member" (paid up by 23:59 GMT on Friday 18th December 2015) may submit a Resolution to be considered and voted on at the AGM. Such a Resolution is to be submitted by no later than 23:59 GMT on Friday 18 December 2015 by Email to the Sec Gen BBU.


To renew your membership or to join the BBU, click:    for PDF   for Word 


Athletes competing at  Ex Rucksack 2016 (the Army & British Champs) will automatically become members, and entitled to vote at the AGM. If they wish to be nominated as an "Elected Director" or to submit a Resolution to be voted on at the AGM, they must be paid up by 23:59 GMT on Friday 18th December 2015. Otherwise they need take no further action! 


Congratulations are offered to the following athletes who, after National Selection Races in Beitostřlen NOR, have been selected for the GBR Teams in Trimester 1
(until Christmas):

IBU CUP - Team Manager: LBdr Lee-Steve JACKSON 16 Regt RA    
LBdr Vinny FOUNTAIN * 16 Regt RA   Cpl Alex GLEAVE 1 CS Bn REME    
Robert SIRCUS CBNSC   Hldr Sandy WISHART * 4 SCOTS    
Reserve: Gnr Martin SHAW * 26 Regt RA * First time GBR Selection!
WORLD CUP (Pre-selected) - Team Manager: Sgt Simon ALLANSON 3 RHA, Wax Technician: Ilario MADDALIN ITA    
Scott DIXON CBNSC   LCpl Marcel LAPONDER 39 Engr Regt    
Cpl Amanda LIGHTFOOT AGC    
Cpl Alex GLEAVE 1 CS Bn REME and Bdr Kevin KANE 3 RHA also selected for WC 2 Relay    
JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPS, Cheile Gradistei ROU, 24 - 31 Jan 16 - Manager: Si BURKE BBU

12.5 Km - Men (Thu 19 Nov)

Pos Name P P S S Tot Time
1 Vinny Fountain 1 2 2 3 8 41:05:00
2 Sandy Wishart 1 2 1 2 6 41:18:00
3 Alex Gleave 2 2 2 2 8 41:28:00
=4 Rob Sircus 3 2 0 0 5 41:30:00
=4 Rob Woods 2 0 3 2 7 41:30:00
6 Mark Patterson 2 0 1 2 5 41:40:00
7 Sam Cairns 2 2 2 1 7 41:47:00
8 Martin Shaw 2 0 2 4 8 43:18:00
9 Liam Ward 2 3 0 1 6 45:07:00
10 Adam Williams 0 2 4 4 10 45:49:00
11 Matt Chambers 4 3 2 3 12 46:04:00
12 Gareth Grfiffin 1 3 0 3 7 46:34:00
13 Dom Foale 0 1 3 4 8 48:08:00
14 Joe O´Connor 3 2 1 1 7 50:10:00

10 Km - Men (Tue 17 Nov)

Pos Name P S Tot Time
1 Marcel Laponder 1 1 2 29:29:00
2 Vinny Fountain 1 1 2 30:52:00
3 Alex Gleave 1 2 3 31:39:00
4 Martin Shaw 1 2 3 32:03:00
5 Rob Sircus 1 2 3 32:26:00
6 Sandy Wishart 1 2 3 32:55:00
7 Rob Woods 2 2 4 33:06:00
8 Mark Patterson 3 2 5 33:08:00
9 Matt Chambers 1 3 4 33:10:00
10 Liam Ward 1 2 3 34:04:00
11 Gareth Griffin 1 1 2 34:25:00
12 Adam Williams 4 1 5 35:00:00
13 Sam Cairns 5 3 8 35:09:00
14 Dom Foale 2 2 4 36:25:00
15 Joe O´Conner 1 2 3 37:06:00

10 Km - Women (Thu 19 Nov)

Pos Name P P S S Tot Time
1 Fran Oddy 0 0 1 2 3 38:46:00
2 Emma Drew 1 1 2 0 4 40:22:00
3 Sam Grist 1 4 3 1 9 42:04:00
4 Sarah Barnes 2 1 3 2 8 45:13:00

7.5 Km - Women (Tue 17 Nov)

Pos Name P S Tot Time
1 Emma Drew 1 3 4 31:47:00
2 Fran Oddy 3 3 6 31:53:00
3 Sam Grist 1 4 5 32:53:00
4 Sarah Barnes 1 3 4 35:07:00

On behalf of the British "Biathlon Family", the BBU extends its condolences to La Fédération Française de Ski, following the terrorist atrocities in Paris on Friday 13th November 2015.

To the families and friends of all those killed and injured we offer our deepest sympathy, and join the people of France and the civilised world, in "Praying for Paris"

No! Not a spelling mistake, but France's World Silver and Olympic Bronze Medalist Maurice MANIFICAT finished just 2 seconds ahead of GBR's Andrew MUSGRAVE from our sister sport of Cross Country, at the "Beito Sprints" in Norway on Sat 14 Nov. Finishing 6th in a very strong field and beating Biathlon stars Tarjei Bø NOR and Martin Fourcade FRA, Muzzy really was "Magnificent". Although racing for his Norwegian Club, it is a pity that the official results showed him as "NOR" and not "GBR"!
05 Oct 15 - WADA 2016

The WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) Prohibited List, Summary of Modifications and Monitoring Programme, effective 01 January 2016 has been published. More

Detailed timings and the full programme for Ex RUCKSACK (The British National, Inter Service & Army Biathlon & Cross Country Championships) in Ruhpolding 20 Jan - 04 Feb 16 have been released. Check here!

The AWSA / Army organises all accommodation and entries for British military athletes, but not for any civilian athletes! Entry forms for civilian competitors will be published here towards the end of October.

We are happy to advise civilian athletes and all supporters about the facilities etc in Ruhpolding. However we are unable to book any accommodation for civilians and advise you go to the Ruhpolding Website. 

More airlines than ever are flying to Munich (1hr 50 mins by road; 2hrs 30 mins by rail); Innsbruck (2 hrs by road) & Salzburg (40 mins by road; 1 hr 30 mins by rail). So, book direct or look at Skyscanner!


Provisional timings for the World Cup events 2015 -16 have been released. Check here!

The BBU office is, as usual, already receiving requests from supporters concerning tickets, travel and accommodation.  Unfortunately we do not receive any allocations of tickets and are simply not able to assist with the booking of any facilities. We suggest you go direct to the relevant WC website (go through Google!) where there are links to accommodation as well as on-line ticketing. It is difficult in some venues to get a bed in the resort, but they are always available in the near vicinity. Tickets (except for VIP tickets) rarely sell out, but it is always best to book everything early! 

We look forward to seeing supporters – old and new – on the World Cup circuit in the forthcoming winter.

30 Dec 14 - WADA Code 2015

The 2015 WADA (World Anti Doping) Code comes into effect on 01 Jan 15. For more information  read our "Medical & Doping Page" 

The BBU is totally committed to the eradication of drugs and doping in sport.

It is a personal matter for all athletes, whether they are an Olympian or a novice, to be aware of the current banned list and the issues of drug, doping, blood and gene testing. Regimental & Club athletes should contact their RMO / GP in the first instance.

We emphasise the fact that "ignorance is not an excuse".



From time to time we receive enquiries about "How to Start in Biathlon". Every 4 years at the time of the OWG there is an upsurge in these enquiries and this year is no exception. Two or 3 a day for the last fortnight! Wow, and thanks for your enthusiasm. Alas it is not easy to start in the UK as there is only one civilian racing club (Cairngorm BNSC in Aviemore) and one "Masters" club (Wessex BNSC) near Bath. Virtually all other biathletes in the UK are in the Army, together with a few Royal Marines.

Notwithstanding the BBU's new sponsorship deal with Aspen Healthcare Solutions (UK) Ltd we simply do not have the resources to nurture your enthusiasm. But, do not despair! Read our link "About Us & How to Start". It may not make you happy, but it explains our current situation and we are always willing to listen to suggestions. But, what we cannot do is to pour non-existent money into Development. We may be able to run a couple of Talent ID road-shows later this year; watch this space!
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