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East Grange Biathlon Centre

Biathlon is a 365-days-a-year sport! …..

….. at East Grange Biathlon Centre. 


At EGBC, McGill Sport trains military biathletes throughout the year, including the National Development Squad (NDS)and the BBU’s Biathlon Academy. We are also "open" for schools and corporate visitors.

EGBC has the best marksmanship equipment available, such as International Biathlon Union targets and superb scopes. The main range (of three) has 8 lanes and floodlighting, and the new changing rooms and range control hut are at the firing point. The range track directly accesses quiet rollerski-quality country roads, and there are over 85 km of “rollerski-track” roads in the area.  Four camps can accommodate military biathletes: the nearest is only 3 km away, and has an excellent 24/7 gymnasium, fantastic catering, and the RAF’s Biathlon Centre coaching resource room with digital video debrief, computing and internet access, coaching resources and a training equipment store.

BBU “Biathlon Academy” 2006 

From April through to November 2006, BBU Biathlon Academy gave fast-track full-time training to the best of GBR’s promising youngsters, with the aim of identifying fresh talent to challenge eventually for full GBR Squad status.  Amazingly, two juniors succeeded in their first try at national selection and made their European Cup debut for GB in only early December!


BBU “Biathlon Academy” 2007

For Biathlon Academy 2007, the GBR selectors will select candidates at Ex RUCKSACK, who will be called forward in April or May to contend for an in-residence “biathlon scholarship” at EGBC.  Other courses at EGBC will include:  BBU Biathlon Instructor, Coach Grade 1 and Coach Grade 2; BBU Biathlon RCO; summer biathlon and rollerski racing leagues - and more! Make sure you get a slice of the action!  Formal course notices are posted on the BBU website.


EGBC’s Training Director is Gordon Seaton, who has 25 years racing, coaching, managing and tutoring biathlon with Army, RAF, RM, BSSF, GBR Junior Team, BBU Development Team, etc.


Tel: 07811 380438



Web: East Grange Biathlon Centre.



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