What are IBU QPs?

IBU Qualification Points (QPs) have replaced “percentages” as the method for athletes to qualify for OWG, World Cup, World Champs and IBU Cups. They are similar to the long tried and tested “FIS Points” for Alpine & Cross Country.

Unlike percentages an athlete can be evaluated with IBU QPs from IBU Cup level upwards. The QPs are only awarded in Individual or Sprint and a penalty factor is applied to IBU Cup QPs to compensate for the higher standard in WC over IBU Cup.

Aficionados can find full detail in IBU Event & Competition Rule Para 1.4.3 and in Section 21 & 22 of the IBU Guide 2015 -16. However, both documents do contain some minor typos and a couple of inaccuracies. The QPs will be published at the end of each Trimester and are based on the average of the athlete’s best 3 scores during that Trimester and the preceding two. (If an athlete does not compete in 3 races a penalty factor is applied). In essence an athlete must:

  • Have no more than 150 QPs at the end of a Trimester to start WC in the next Trimester.
  • Have no more than 180 QPs at the end of the Trimester to qualify for WChamps or OWG (but separate BOA qualification criteria is applied for OWG).
  • Be WC qualified or score 200 Pts or less once in the current IBU Cup Trimester to remain qualified for the following Trimester.
  • An athlete who does not compete in the previous five Trimesters loses the right to start and becomes a “new athlete”. There are a number of different criteria for entry as a new or first time athlete into WC / WChamps.
  • There are also National Quotas for start places (GBR has 2 x Men and 1 x Woman for WC; 3 x Men & 3 x Women for IBU Cup and WChamps). Regardless of the Quota the athlete must be qualified to actually start. For a WC Relay GBR can start 4 Men (if all four are individually qualified).

We will publish the latest official IBU QPs at the end of the current Trimester 1. Suffice to say it looks pretty certain that the three current WC athletes, (plus “retired” Kevin KANE & Lee JACKSON) will be qualified to start in Trimester 2 in WC and IBU Cup. Of the Trimester 1 IBU Cup team, only Alex GLEAVE is currently qualified for IBU Cup in Trimester 2 with his 191 .57 QPs in the WC 2 Sprint on Friday. Well done!

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