The WADA 2017 Code comes into effect on 01 Jan 17. There are some changes and all athletes and staff must remember that the onus for compliance is strictly on them. Download the 2017 Prohibited List, and the Summary of Modifications.


In the light of the McLaren Report doping checks are likely to be even more stringent both In & Out of Competition. Ex RUCKSACK competitors should also be aware that as this is an Army and British National Championships UKAD may swoop for unannounced testing; they have done this before, and it was Regimental – not GBR team athletes who were tested!


Any athlete (GBR / Regimental Team / civilian) who is unclear about the legality of any medication they are taking should contact their RMO or GP as soon as possible. The BBU ADO, Terry Hall, may be able to offer additional advice:


As has been the case in past years, the List will be made available as an iPhone app and on other mobile devices effective 1 January 2017


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