All New BBU Membership – Going Live from 1 November

At the AGM the board announced a change to the BBU membership.  We had a number of aims, firstly we wanted to grow the membership of the BBU to attract a larger, more diverse membership. Secondly we wanted to make sure that our members were getting something back for their membership.  Thirdly we needed to try to increase the revenue from our membership.

The link below takes you to a ‘brochure’ outlining the changes.  We hope that this ‘ticks’ all the above boxes.  Of greatest interest will be that our full ‘Epic Biathlete’ members get a n amazing insurance package rolled into their membership, which represents a saving of over 60% on the equivalent commercially available policy.

Over the coming days you will see a membership page appear on the website where you can sign up and pay online.  The new membership scheme will go live from 1st November 2018 and we hope to have the associated membership page ready prior to this.  We hope that from a new membership structure will come greater engagement with all of our members and we look forward to welcoming you to the BBU.


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