We wanted to take this opportunity to remind people that the BBU Lottery is up and running! It is a really fantastic way to support the pathway of our young Athletes. Some of the previous projects have included allowing Athletes to attend the Junior World Championships. As we build our strategy going forward we are excited about the impact the support through the lottery can make, as we grow the grassroots of Biathlon in the UK. There is also the advantage that you may also win something too!

The proceeds get split 50/50 between the BBU and the prize fund. Draws are quarterly at end March, June, September and December. You can buy one or more tickets at £36 per ticket per year. This is payable by monthly or annual standing order or annually by bank transfer. For more infomation please contact Nicola Walker, BBU Lottery Administrator at the following email address


The results for the December 2019 draw are as follows:

1st Prize= 93
2nd prize= 7
3rd prize= 172
4th prize= 134
5th prize= 202.

The results of the March 2020  draw;

1st Prize= 193
2nd prize= 75
3rd prize= 123
4th prize= 153
5th prize= 66

The results of the June 2020  draw;

1st Prize= 122
2nd prize=35
3rd prize= 152
4th prize= 200
5th prize= 177

The results of the September 2020  draw;

1st Prize= 182
2nd prize=35
3rd prize= 126
4th prize= 147
5th prize= 68

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