The British Biathlon Union 2030


The British Biathlon Union (BBU) was formed in 1996 as the National Governing Body for the Olympic Sport of Biathlon in Great Britain. The BBU is a full member of the International Biathlon Union (IBU), The British Olympic Association (BOA), National Olympic Committee (NOC) and UK Sport. It is a not for profit, membership based organisation, funded through membership, the IBU and wider donors. It has required sustained investment from the military where the combined energy, drive and determination of Athletes and Staff has allowed for continued International representation on the World Stage for over four decades. Now the challenge is to effect significant change in the UK by increasing participation and securing sustainable income streams – outside the Military support – in order to enhance performance at all levels.

The BBU has created a stable platform where the opportunity is now to dare to push British boundaries and pioneer a pathway from grassroots to World Cup success.  It is committed to fulfilling its vision, whilst understanding there is much to be done. The BBU does not fear ambitious targets and will thrive on the challenge. It is now dedicated to building the foundations to make this a viable model to increase participation and harness talent. Future success is limited without a credible and sustainable pathway that can develop talent in the right areas at the right time. We endeavour to create a legacy across all levels, changing the landscape of British Biathlon and ensuringGreat Britain remains on the World Stage.

We will encourage participation in the sport to improve physical and psychological wellbeing for life, but also offer a pathway to grow and develop the young talent that wishes to progress and deliver World Class performances. We will enhance the profile, and drive the growth of the BBU through innovative thinking, a dynamic management team and collaboratively working with our stakeholders to deliver a world leading programme.

The British Biathlon 2021-2030

The British Biathlon Union (BBU) is an agile organisation that has set the foundation of a strong, professional and driven governing body from which it can now accelerate success at the highest levels of sport. Operating around the Olympic cycles this strategy will focus on the long term vision of 2030, with a separate strategic plan for 2022 and 2026.

Vision to 2030

To be a top 15 Biathlon Nation by 2030 with representation across all competition events.

Strategic Themes

  • Create a world class programme at all levels.
  • Generate a secure income stream to allow increased diversity of participation and the ability to enhance the programme.
  • Enhance health and wellbeing across all levels of the sport and encourage a lifelong involvement in biathlon.

Corporate Objectives

  • Invest in talent pathways supported by well qualified coaches, officials and volunteers.
  • Lead our athlete programmes that are guided by sport science.
  • Build on open and honest relationships with partners and members to ensure a powerful and collaborative approach to the delivery of our mission.


The BBU’s mission is to BUILD a four tiered sustainable programme in order to DELIVER world class performances and DEVELOP the pathway into Biathlon within the UK.

The Mission defines the BBU’s purpose as an organisation.  It contributes directly to our Vision and outlines how we will organise and prioritise activity to bring it to life. It recognises that our top priority is elite performance and ensuring our Athletes are supported in all areas to deliver World class performances on the international stage, whilst inspiring mass participation at all levels.  

This Mission will be delivered through timely, effective and robust governance and relevant legal practices and management processes. The BBU is a small organisation with substantial responsibility – we ensure that our programmes and operational practices are sustainable and the governance and philosophy of the organisation is both appropriate and inspirational. 

Our Core Values

The BBU’s approach is ‘athlete and coach centred’. It makes decisions and concentrates effort and resources to positively impact the Mission and the delivery of the Vision. Its commitment is reflected in the organisations working practices and the people, through demonstrating a selfless desire to serve the interests of the Athletes and the team behind them. The core values are intrinsic to the BBU and we seek partnership with those that align to these values;

  • Determination. The BBU is determined to build Biathlon inclusively in the UK.
  • Commitment. The BBU is committed to providing our Athletes the support and opportunity to strive for excellence.
  • Passion. The BBU is passionate about all that we do!
  • Integrity. The BBU demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles in everything it does.
  • Sportsmanship. The BBU creates an ethos of fairness, respect and fellowship with all competitors.

The Operating Model

The operating model exists to translate the BBU’s Vision into reality by converting strategic direction into outcomes.  Those outcomes are created through a set of mutually supporting strategic Lines of Development, each of which is owned by a member of the EMG under the direction and leadership of the Chief Executive.  The strategic Lines of Development are:

–                 Performance and Operational Delivery

–                 Communication and Partnerships

–                 Governance

Short Term Strategic Objectives 2020-2022

Performance and Operational Delivery

-Maintain international representation on the World Cup, the 2022 Olympics and the World Junior Championships.

-Sustain a four Tier decentralised programme for a; World Cup & IBU Cup Programme, National Performance Programme, National Development & Rising Stars Programme and Club Level Programme with high quality coaches to provide support both on and off snow. 

-Deliver a High Performance Education Programme to enhance performance at all levels.

-Enhance the programme with key inputs from sport science support and technical expertise to the team.

-Promote key talent transfer campaigns from specific sports and Nations, whilst concurrently growing an Athlete base from grass roots through the UK Club system.

Communication and Partnership

-Raise the profile and awareness of the BBU and Biathlon within the UK through media channels and targeted campaigns.

-Develop a positive 10-year strategy to build a valuable package that sponsors understand and can see tangible benefits from investment.

-Build relationships with key organisations to enhance ability to deliver all aspects of the Strategy.


-Ensure policies and procedures support the overall Strategy 

-Implement a streamlined structure that allows the organisation to remain agile and grow effectively. 

-Create an ethos and culture that drives positive growth.

Medium Term Strategic Objectives 2022-2026

Performance and Operational Delivery

-To be a top 20 Nation and strive for 4 start places for males and females to ensure representation across all events on the World Stage including World Cups and Olympics.

-Fully integrated sport science led programme across Tier 1 and Tier 2.

-Establish links across all UK Roller Ski Clubs with targeted increase in participation across 10-16 year olds.

-Establish a BBU Training Facility within the UK to include a track, range, equipment and access to coaches.

-Build the British Championships to create a GBR Biathlon and Nordic hub for both Olympic and Paralympic Athletes.

Communication and Partnerships   

-Explore the grants system to support the development pathway and sports for all.

-Create key partnerships across nations to learn from those leading the way.

-Secure a leading partner for a full cycle to allow commitment to Athletes beyond a year and increase reserves. 

-Create a Nordic network across the UK to raise the profile, support network and talent pool.

-Consider a partnership with Great Britain Snowsport to unite the GBR Winter Sports Programmes.


-Review the 10-year strategy and policies following the 2022 Olympics to ensure it remains current and realistic.

-Ensure Staffing levels are adequate and sustainable throughout the cycle.

Long Term Strategic Objectives 2026-2030

Performance and Operational Delivery

-To be a top 15 Nation and strive for 4 start places for males and females to ensure representation across all events on the World Stage including World Cups and Olympics.

 – To secure a competitive relay Team on the World Cup and Olympics 2030

-To build a broad talent pool of Athletes with a structured pathway into the sport.

Communication and Partnerships

-Secure UK Sport Funding Streams for the World Cup Athletes.

-Support Athlete individual sponsorship initiatives.

-Secure sponsorship for the 2030 cycle.


-Consider a charity arm to the BBU to support the growth and development of the sport.


This document set out the British Biathlon Unions direction over the next 10 years to align the Tactical, Operational and Strategic efforts across our lines of operations.

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