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Membership prices are as follows:

Supporter Member

of the British Biathlon Union
£ 25
  • Eligibility to race for BBU Prizes
  • The Right to Vote
  • BBU Newsletter
  • 10% BBU Store Discount

Further Details

Eligibility to race for BBU Prizes at the British Championships in Ruhpolding (Ex Rucksack)

 You get a say in the future of the sport

The BBU Newsletter bringing you all the action of British Biathlon

10% off of all goodies on the BBU store

Full Member

of the British Biathlon Union
£ 55
  • All Associate Perks, PLUS:
  • Personal Liability Insurance (Details Below)
  • Personal Accident & Travel Insurance (Details Below)
  • Eligibility to race for GB

Further Details

You get all of the perks included with the associate membership.

This covers you in the event of an accident. It will pay out in the event of a bodily injury (to you). So should you be injured in the course of either training (including things like running, cycling etc.) or competition then the policy will pay out. There are two categories – Category A is for coaches and Category B is for biathletes.  Benefits include – broken bones, dental expenses, hospitalisation, physiotherapy, accidental death and permanent disabling injuries, a full list of the benefits can be accessed from the BBU.

The Public Liability insurance you receive as an affiliated member will protect you if you are held responsible and are negligent for causing injury to a third party or have caused damage to a third parties property, whilst involved in BBU recognised activities (including training).

Cover for the coaches / instructors will also include the professional advice they provide whilst coaching, provided that the activity falls within the remit of your approved training or qualifications.

The ability is down to you!


OK the serious bit. When it all goes wrong insurance is helpful, most would say essential.  In fact, to take part in any championship – even the military ones – you need it.  So here’s the summary of what you are getting.  The cover below will last for the duration of your year-long membership of the BBU It covers you for all biathlon related activity including all types of legitimate training. You will be pleased to hear that if you take out full BBU membership the cost of the insurance alone is 50-70% cheaper than the equivalent on the open market.

BBU Membership incorporates 3 types of insurance, all of which are required when taking part in Biathlon competition. View the pdf below for more details:

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