All New BBU Membership – Going Live from 1 November

At the AGM the board announced a change to the BBU membership.  We had a number of aims, firstly we wanted to grow the membership of the BBU to attract a larger, more diverse membership. Secondly we wanted to make sure that our members were getting something back for their membership.  Thirdly we needed to try to increase the revenue from

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British Biathlon 2018-19 Season Training Plan

The first snow fell in the Alps and in Scandinavia this week so we must be getting into winter.  To help get you in the ski mood, you will find the BBU Season plan for 2018 -19 below.  Happy to take questions regarding this at : 20181002_BBU_2018-19 Training and Competition Plan – Final

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BBU September Lottery Results

The results of the BBU September Lottery are: 1st prize = number 164 2nd prize = number 194 3rd prize = number 144 4th prize = number 89 5th prize = number 65 The next draw is on 31st December 2018; to enter & buy tickets simply send an Email to:

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BBU Selection Policy 2018-19

The BBU Selection Policy for those wishing to represent GB in Biathlon in the 2018-19 season is published below.  Selection races will take place in Norway, over 1st-2nd December.  Anyone who is considering racing for GB this season is asked to contact asap to register their interest. 2018.09.30.BBU.SelectionPolicy.2018-19.Final

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Wessex Biathlon and Nordic Festival 2018

The last of the summer is upon us!  The Wessex Biathlon and Nordic Festival is running at Castle Coombe Race circuit on 28th October 2018.  It is promising to be a great day out and some fantastic competition.  This event is open to all. Races are Free Style 12km, 6km and 3km Cross Country. In the afternoon is Laser Biathlon, team sprints,

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2018 AGM Minutes

The 2018 AGM was held on Saturday 15th September.  The Minutes and accompanying presentation are available at the links below: AGM 2018 – Minutes – Final BBU AGM – Presentation

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96th Board Meeting Minutes

The 96th Board Meeting was held on Saturday 15th September.  The minutes and accompanying powerpoint can be found at the links below: 96th Mtg Mins Final 2018.9.13.BoardMeeting.PPT. ANNEX A

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BBU AGM – Saturday 15th September 2018 – London – Please join us!!!

Location We will hold the 2018 AGM of the British Biathlon Union in London on 15th September 2018.  The meeting will take place at 14:00hrs at the offices of the British Olympic Association, 60 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2NU. Attendance and Voting We would be keen to see as many people as possible at the meeting in order to update you on

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